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Being Mummy

I finally feels how my mum feels when she first became a mother. All the sacrifices she has to make and all the best she wants to provide and gives us. This is exactly how I'm feeling now to my first born, at the same time.. pulling back so as to not to spoil her to become like the youngsters nowadays.. 

She had become my priority above all else. Is that what it all means to be a Mum?Matilda

Checking in from Taipei

I am really amused by my parents really.. as we sat down this morning at Starbucks over coffee.. waiting for the shops in XiMengDing to open.. my dad asked if I still keep the receipts from 7-11. Apparrently there's lottery and lucky draw or something plus mini hello kitty stickers to stick on some coupon thingy to redeem whatever it is.. So we come to Taiwan to try to strike 1 million TWD to go back to SG? I know they are not exactly serious about it but still.. haha.. really really amusing.. hubby and I can't help shaking our heads grinning away.

I realised that buying eating steaming xiao long bao and hot bao in this cold weather is really heavenly.. juicy and taste fantastic.

Today was I guess the most fruitful day of my trip.. haha.. went shopping at Wu Fen Pu.. the retail cum wholesale district. happy.. haha.. time pass so damn fast... 21 hours more and we'll be back.. home sweet home.. i really miss my bed and my brother..


Taiwan 2011

Time to pack up and head to the high speed railway to taipei!.. Well.. not that I'm complaining of the beautiful scenery here.. apart from the cold weather.. the sun is very welcoming.. compared to yesterday it was definitely much better.

Poor hubby is sick.. Kinda strange.. everytime when we're on a trip. i get to play nurse all the time.. the food doesn't seems to suit him or enjoying the cold weather so much that he caught a cold..

Well, the best part is I get to sleep extremely well last night after changing to separate room.. Kowtow to mummy who brave the 'storm of snoring' haha..

Sun Moon Lake is a scenery place that one should make a short trip to if in taiwan. Nothing much to do here i think.. just relax and laze around, there's ferry services which goes to 3 different mini village, all are very touristy places. There's a Cultural Theme Park, few different hiking trail u can do.  The hotel we stayed in has a beautiful view right next to the jetty. Breakfast and dinner included, cheap ferry tickets TWD 150 for whole day.. El Darado Hotel.. friendly stuff.. makes me feel kinda homely.. but don't count too much on the facilities..

Hrmm.. but after we've been to New Zealand.. nothing seems to be able to compare to that.. Gosh I miss NZ...

Taiwan 2011

Checking in from taiwan Sun Moon Lake.. Beautiful landscape but covered with heavy fog. Made it seems like I'm in a ghost story. freezing my ass off because my dearie insist that the weather will not be that cold...
Pls remind me if i ever were to travel with my parents again I'll never never share the same room with them..OMG crazy night with snoring music... I wonder how my mum can take it?? Will WB be like this when we get old?? Hrmm.. i need prepare ear plugs, jus in case...

Kaohsiung was not too bad.. nice travelling around. Booking a cab to travel is really much cheaper if u have a group of 4 or more.. We spend half the day in the National Park area in Maolin.. Sadly to say. most of the landscape are destroyed by the flood back in 1988. Roads collapsed, what was once a majestic view of the rivers and waterfall were gone. no more hot springs and stuff. But what amazed me was the Duona suspension bridge that is actually a short-cut for the villagers traveling in scooters.. scooting away the dangerous looking bridge.. haha.. quite a view.

The cabbie that took us on our day trip was a friendly young chap around my age.. poor guy lost a kid to cancer.. pretty sad.. brings back memories of my patients that passed away in the pass few years..

come to think of it now I actually met one to the my ex-patients's mum in taipei.. we actually stayed in the same hotel to top that the same floor next to each other.. What are the odds!!

Really hope now that the fog will clear soon so that we can do some stuff and not sit around to freeze my ass off.


The more I hear the more pissed off and angry I become.. What has the world becoming.. all this injustice and not at all valuing what is good in front of you.

What my hubby said to me some time ago about horrible and mean people everywhere finally hit me.. Yes, they are indeed unsightly and so gross and makes me want to puke and tell these people off straight in the face to put themselves in reverse position and see how wrong they can be which choices they make and pride is not anything at all in life.. It will only throw away any humanity and dignity one have.

ALL the talk on the surface is crap... the only truth lies deep within if it's for personal gain or welfare for all..


OMG.. heh.. 1st time I heard I'm accused of something I'll never do.. Things said will be just whining and forgotten.. I get extremely irritated when some are not serious at work and when appears to be to not wanna hold responsibility of the care of patients -- I'll complain and state facts but never back-stabbed..
Most prob to some I seems to be just because I dun 'help' or cover up for them.. but seriously.. covering up is not 'helping'.. I'm simply being objective.. not subjective..

Whatever.. so damn sick and tired of emo ones around.. Jus like a friend said about me.. sometimes i really say things tt make them feel like strangling me.. then just tell me if they can't take it.. I'm blunt, but objective and straight forward.. sometimes forgets about how it will make others feel.. but it's work! Nothing personal.. those who wants to take my words personally when I'm reprimanding.. Sorry I can't help it..

What has the world turn into...?

I recently caught a post on bitching.. I guess in general, if I do not like a person I'll most probably comment on what I can't tolerate about them. Never will I cursed and call them names or anything like that. Some others do stuff like that and it just proves a point on what a friend said..

"Monday to Saturday  - curse, bad-mouthed and say nasty things about others"
"Sunday - confession and go church to seek forgiveness"

But seriously.. what's the point of doing that? It does not make one become a better person.. just so damn hypocritical..

Whatever it is, I'll still be professional and treat the other with the respect any human being deserve.. no matter how much I dislike them. That's my human revolution I need to be doing.. and not the above.. saying nasty things about another and then praying for forgiveness to their Gods..


Problems or obstacles seems to be manifesting itself in all areas.. Injustice or all sorts surfacing. A colleague of mine, who is also a friend told me i should not try too hard in resolving certain conflict with immature and silly people. They are not worth the time especially when they themselves are not sincere at all to begin with. I'm too nice or a peace maker to step my foot down on doing it though. WB complains that I'm too soft-hearted and that's why I'm always being stepped all over.

I vaguely remember when I was younger my mum used to love comparing me with my cousins or somebody's children. Until I put a stop to those comparing and gradually through her practise she begin to realise the only one to compare is oneself.. Huge lesson learnt and deep in my heart I'll always remember and constantly keeping that in practice. I'll never compare myself with others because all of us are unique in our own different way.

I was glad that I finally resolve some misunderstanding with another colleague of mine, which I guess we became friends again.

Many turbulence has yet to come.. just sitting and anticipated the worse. I'm sad though that I no longer have a chance to work with a senior that taught me what I know since I stepped in the ward 3 years ago.

I'm glad I have a manager who is supportive of me and guide me through my darker moments at work.

I guess it things really get on my nerves enough I'll just speak the unsaid truth and let all things clear out..

What's bothering me??

Went to work last min to settle some stuff.. exchange some words with a colleague whom i use to think can be a friend..
I felt sad and frustrated for her.. being so eager to prove herself and keep her 'work' her own..
I was kinda upset.. called WB and told him that i don't understand why i'm upset about it when she just being i guess wanting to protect what's hers.. i said maybe i'm just too compassionate.. don't wanna see someone i know be like this.. come on.. really.. u can't take things that u do, work or things that u come up with to ur grave can u? Just do and give.. people recognise u for who u are, remembers u for what u do or how u treat them.. not ur work on paper.. A lot of times.. people don't give a damn..
I'm still thinking if i should start looking for another job.. things at work is becoming more and more overbearing.. Disgusted the politics..
Feeling strange for the past few months.. feel like I'm losing myself in the events and all the excitement in my life and these days I'm unsure of myself and what i really wants in my life, for my life..
I know for sure I'm getting married.. He has been wonderful in his own ways. I'm sometimes find myself not really sure what i need to do.. I feel lost.. and the feeling doesn't seems to go away.. maybe i'm just sitting on it for too long and too lazy to do anything about it. Crap...
I don't like this.